Summer League Results

Congratulations to the winners in our Summer Intervenue League. It was a combined league and combinations needed to compete at a minimum of 4 shows to be eligible.  Prize giving will be at the Summer Finals and should be about 4pm.

Thank you to Lagan Construction for their sponsorship.

1st Goldwin Joan Adrain
2nd Miss Clover Odessey Elaine Martin
3rd Bahrain Boy Orla Smith
4th Homegrown Lexi Lynn Clarke-Hearty
1st Homegrown Lexi Lynn Clarke-Hearty
2nd Beechmount Baxter Linda McIlwaine
3rd Chitchat Joan Adrain
4th Crackerjack VIII Dale Roberts
1st Chitchat Joan Adrain
2nd Waggledance Emma Andrews
3rd Oliver Hardy Martina McKinley
4th Homegrown Phoenix Sylvia Henry
1st Silken Art Claire Sedgeman
2nd Clantara Midnight Classic Caroline Herron
3rd Homegrown Phoenix Sylvia Henry
1st Zidane Lucinda Webb-Graham
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