Report Laurelview 8th March

The third, and last, round of the popular NID Inter-venue League was held at Laurelview Equestrian Centre on Sunday 8th March. Competition was getting fierce as riders and their horses strove to win some of the fantastic prizes that were on offer. This was also the last opportunity to gain those all-important qualifying scores for the Regional and National Winter finals.

Class one, Preliminary BD 14, judged by Debbie Osborough, was popular with a high number of entries. In the DI section, Joanne Jarden took the top spot on SBT Upmarket with 69.58%. Lynne Ireland on Dowdstown Dancer and Michelle Strange on Have the Courage were awarded second and third placings on 69.37% and 68.33%. In the NID section, there was again some excellent scores with a very well deserved first place going to Chris Woolsey riding his mount, VSH Chablis. Lucy Telford and A Day on the Dub swooped in to grab second place on 60.83%, and Lexie Speckman riding Dalways Lucky Clover got a worthy third place with a score of 60.21%. In the Unregistered section, Erin Faloona on Margie Mac won the red ribbon on a credible score of 66.46%, with Courtney Stuart and Mocking Bird close behind on 66.25%.

Class two, Novice DI 26, kindly judged by Rosie Gomes, was won by the duo, Linda McIlwaine and Beechmount Baxter on 68.45%. Janice Campbell riding Elpaso Eclipse trotted into second place on 67.59% and close on their heels was Jill Hobson riding her elegant mare, Furisto Seven for a Secret, who reaped third place on 67.24%. There was also high scores and competitive spirit in the NID section of this class. It was Anne Killen and Riverview Patrick who victoriously gained first place on 66.03%, Kathryn King and Roc Tredudon strutted their stuff for second place on 65.17%, and Aaron Brown on Yolantay got a ribbon as they gained third place on 63.62%.  Erin Faloona and Margie Mac had a great day as she got another well deserved red rosette in the Unregistered section with a score of 69.14%.

Class four, Novice DI 24, judged by Lucinda Webb-Graham, again illustrated the talent of riders and their horses in the Northern Region. Joanne Jarden was awarded a first and joint second place on her two mounts, MJI Wendy and Drunken Relation on scores of 75.67% and 70.00%, and Joan Adrain matched Joanne’s performance for a joint second place on Chitchat. Young Erin Burns and Harry Hoot followed closely and skipped into fourth place on 69.67%. In the NID section, event rider, Alexa Grudgings riding Cassado, were triumphant with 65.33% which secured them the top spot. Joanne McKelvie riding Landor Lara Croft acquired second place on 62.60%. Jenna Crawford and Emilia Van Erpekom were granted a first placing in the Unregistered section of this class with a score of 65.00%.

Class five, Elementary BD 50, again showed vigorous competition. It was Karen McKeown on her stunning mare, VSH Colanda, and Emma Andrews on The Elf who swooped in to take the first two spots on 67.86% and 67.32%. Kathryn King and her chestnut gelding, Isaac de la Bouverie, captured third place with a worthy 65.89%.

The second Elementary class, BD 43, again saw Alexa Grudgings continue her winning streak on Cassado. The duo won the class on a worthy score of 72.59%. Well done again to Joanne Jarden as she got second and third placings on scores of 71.03% and 69.48% on her horses, Bella Bonita and MJI Wendy. Joan Adrain on Chitchat were awarded the green ribbon in this class with a commendable score of 67.76%.

Class seven, Medium BD 63, was won by the combination Mark Robinson and Jovian Moon on 71.96% and Lisa Dundee was granted the blue rosette on 67.76% on Deja Vu Roundthorn.  The second Medium class, BD 73, was won by Lisa Dundee on a praiseworthy score of 69.56%. Caroline Herron sailed into second place on Clantara Midnight Classic on 65.44% and the successful pair, Elaine Morrow and her mount, Ardenza Gem, earned third place on 63.68%.

Class nine, Advanced Medium BD 98 was won by Jennifer Howes and Ballyknock Squire on 60.92%. In class ten, it was the talented pair, Lucinda Webb-Graham and Zidane, who snatched up first place on an outstanding score of 68.68%, with Elaine Morrow and Jennifer Howes in the prizes for second and third place on 67.10% and 65.13%.

In class eleven, a well deserved first place went to Courtney Stuart and Fanfarron 8 on 68.42% for their PSG test. It was a great day for Lucinda as she was awarded a second placing for her Advanced test on a score of 67.81%. Third place went to Dale Roberts and his mount, Enigma, for their Intermediate One test, with a score of 66.84%.

For class twelve, it was Roisin Muirhead and Dunsallen who earned first place on 65.64%. Alison Mastin-Moore judged class thirteen and it was Geraldine Lowry riding Ringfort Nimmerdino who won on a score go 65.39% and Louise Greer who slotted into second place on her mount, Precious Pebbles on 63.81%.

A full list of scores and details of future shows can be found on the NID website: Many thanks to all members who contributed their time and efforts to help on the day. Our thanks goes to the judges and to Laurelview Equestrian Centre for the use of their excellent facilities.

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