Report from March training night and date for April with Carolyn Mellor

The second NID training night on Tuesday evening at Laurelview Equestrian Center was a great success! Despite the howling wind, riders were beaming by the end as they all felt they had plenty to take away and work on after Kirsty Stuart’s expert instruction.

Kirsty began the session sharing some pearls of wisdom about rider position and effectiveness. She also spoke about horse suppleness and rider contact. Throughout the lesson, emphasis was placed upon the importance of transitions in all three paces and half halts. Riders were then asked to complete some lateral exercises and Kirsty spent time working on shoulder-in. The lesson concluded with a discussion about travers and walk pirouettes and then the horses had a good stretch with some medium trot work.

Thank you to Kirsty for leading this session, to the riders for their continued support and to Laurelview Equestrian Center for their first-class facilities.

The next training night will be held on Tuesday 21st April at Comber, under the expert gaze of Carolyn Mellor. Lessons are in groups of three and cost £20 per person. Participants must be a member of DI or NID. These sessions are open to riders of all levels. Prepayment will be required.

If you are interested in attending, please contact us via email at:

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