Press Release from Equine Council for Northern Ireland

Press Release received from The Equine Council for Northern Ireland

Dated: 21 August 2018 (Ver 1)

The Equine Council for Northern Ireland (ECNI) has been engaged with the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) for nearly four years in an attempt to get Government to really understand the importance of the Equine Industry to the economy of Northern Ireland particularly in rural areas.  ECNI very strongly believe that the equestrian industry here is a major contributor to the Northern Ireland economy. However, the lack of credible information weakens any argument to try and obtain support from Government or any other area.

The perseverance of ECNI is at last paying some dividends and DAERA have commissioned Deloitte to carry out an economic assessment of the industry within Northern Ireland. To assist with this assessment Deloitte’s have developed an on line survey which can be accessed on the DAERA website at

This survey is completely anonymous, its primary purpose is to attempt to ascertain the annual spend in all aspects of the industry whether as a professional equestrian, an amateur, equestrian supporting business or someone involved in the ancillary area such as vet or blacksmith.

No personal information whatsoever is requested and the Directors of ECNI can assure you that there is nothing clandestine in any questions asked.

The questions within the survey cover a broad spectrum of the industry and include evaluating the contribution of volunteers, who play such a crucial role in so many aspects of the industry.

The end report will provide key stakeholders with an understanding of the contribution equestrianism makes to the economy and provide a platform for both organisations and Government to identify key areas of potential.

This survey provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to show Government and our Political representatives what a viable, valuable industry this is.  The Chairman and Directors of the Equine Council for Northern Ireland would encourage everyone involved in any aspect of the industry to take a few minutes to complete the survey.

Survey link to click: Northern Ireland Equine Survey.

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