Paul Fielder Dressage Clinics – Danescroft 16 & 17th Nov’19.

Due to subsidy provided by Dressage Ireland we are able to provide a fabulous opportunity for our members to have the very best training available at a vastly discounted price.

We have been able to book Paul Fielder for a 2 day session held at the wonderful indoor venue of Danescroft. For DINR members the cost is £75 for a private and £45 for a shared. This training is also open to members of other regions at a cost of £85 for a private and £50 for a shared session. Preference will be given to people booking both days. Please use this link to book or contact Karen at

Paul Fielder was born in Norfolk where his parents farmed, he was brought up around farm animals including horses, his first success was in 1959 winning pony show classes at Royal Windsor horse show.
Paul’s main interest in the early days was show jumping where he trained with the late Warren Wofford who had trained with Bert de Nemethy. Paul accompanied the British Show Jumping team at the Munich Olympics and it was here that he first saw dressage at a high level, and became very inspired by the sport. After this, while travelling throughout Europe, Paul took every opportunity to learn as much as possible about high level dressage. In 1986 Paul was awarded a Sir Winston Churchill Scholarship, which allowed him to study even more dressage-training.
Paul has coached many of Britain’s leading dressage combinations and his pupils have ridden at Olympic Games, World Games and European Championships. After the Barcelona Olympics he was awarded by his federation the Trainer’s Award for training at international standard.
He was also Chief Instructor at the Catherston Stud, owned by Mrs. Jennie Loriston–Clarke and together they gave a Grand Prix long reining demonstration at the Horse of the Year Show, then again in Denmark at the stallion show at Herning.
In 2006 Paul also became a Fellow of the British Horse Society, Paul many years ago had the opportunity to coach and train in Norway. He was also invited to go to the Norwegian Olympic training Centre and there he learnt about the Norwegian Training Module. In short the main difference is the athletes are told to go to the training to train, not to be trained; each athlete must be his own trainer, the 24 hour athlete. The driving force must be the athlete’s inner voice not the voice of the coach. Paul has used the principles he has learnt to develop the dressage careers of many young riders making him a much sought after trainer and mentor. In recent years he has focused on training Norwegian riders and his long term pupil Siril Helljesen and the mare Dorina competed at the London Olympics.
He has always had an excellent eye for detail and has found a way to bring horse and rider together. His training is a blend of modern techniques and classical principles but he is very practical in his teaching.
Paul Fielder is recognised as one of the most successful trainers in Europe operating from the UK, Scandinavia and Europe. He has successfully helped to develop the Dressage careers of many young riders making him a much sought after trainer and mentor with a vast knowledge of training different types of horses and is a master of problem solving.
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