DI Warm-Up Etiquette Reminders

As per the current DI Rulebook, Click her to download a copy

Conduct of Competitors:

Riders and owners of competing horses and their attendants must, under penalty of elimination, obey any reasonable request or direction given to them by an official, and they must, in particular, be careful not to do anything liable to upset or hinder the undisturbed progress or safety of the competition.

Incorrect dress or equipment:

Anyone entering the arena with incorrect saddlery, dress or equipment for the appointed

class, may be allowed to complete the test, but will be eliminated.

Warm Up:

At all shows only the rider competing on the horse will be permitted to ride it. While exercising any horse, whether competing or not, only the permitted tack (as set out in section Equipment the Horse) may be used.

Warming up in anything other than the permitted tack will entail elimination of both horse and rider from all classes on that day. Anyone seeing this rule being breached should immediately report the occurrence to the organiser or secretary who is empowered to eliminate the horse and rider. This must be reported in the show incident book and to the Board of Dressage Ireland Clg.

At no time during warm up or competition should an owner, lessee, authorised agent or rider produce a stallion without taking adequate precautions to ensure that other members of Dressage Ireland Clg or the public are not put at risk of injury. Stallion sashes (worn by the rider), or identification tags on the bridle, are compulsory and must be clearly worn at all times when mounted. Due regard for safety must be taken by every rider, regardless of the sex of their horse.

Lunging in the warm-up area should only be undertaken with permission from the event organiser or arena steward. The lunge rein may be attached to the bit or lunge cavesson and two reins are permissible. Side reins may be used attached to either side of the saddle or girth (not between the horse’s front legs). The rider may be mounted while the horse is being lunged and may hold the reins. Running or balancing reins of any kind may not be used.

If at any time during a competition run under Dressage Ireland Clg. Rules, a horse is seen behaving in a dangerous manner, which could threaten the safety of other competitors or spectators, a steward, organiser or Dressage Ireland Clg official is authorised to require the removal of this horse from the venue. Such removal must be reported in the show incident book and to the Board of Dressage Ireland Clg.

Riding in Collecting Ring or Practice Areas/Arenas:

In order to extend courtesy to other riders and to prevent accidents, it is customary to practice the following conduct:

  • Pass left hand to left hand when meeting another rider coming in the opposite Direction, unless they are in counter canter in which case give way, by circling.
  • Make tack adjustments outside the arena if possible or near the middle of the arena, without obstructing the outside track, diagonal or centre lines.
  • Announce by voice or knocking on the door, that you intend to enter an indoor practice arena.
  • Ensure that the use of the whip does not upset passing horses.
  • Do not halt or walk on the outside track but always leave room for other riders to pass.
  • Do not lunge in practice arenas without permission of the organiser and, even then, only if there is sufficient room, and in a place that does not to cause inconvenience to other riders.
  • Do not gallop horses in the vicinity of the collecting ring or test arenas.
  • Riders with impaired vision should wear a white armband whilst warming up as an indication to other riders
  • Trainers or other pedestrians should not stand in the warm up/collecting rings but at the sides and should minimize disruption to other riders when helping their clients.
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