DI Northern Region’s Covid-19 Show Protocols.

It should be made clear at the this time prior to your entry being sent that any person displaying symptoms associated with Covid- 19 (Fever, Cough, Shortness of Breath or Breathing Difficulties), people who have been in close contact of a confirmed case, people who are considered in a high-risk group, or those caring for somebody in a vulnerable category should not attend.

There will be no tolerance of non-compliance and any individual found in breach of the guidelines will be asked to leave and if further breaches occur they can be barred from participation at future events.

Horse Sport Ireland are concerned that due to the cancellation and cessation of activity sport horse producers and athletes have horses in light work or turned away which in most circumstances have significantly disrupted the training cycle for 2020 and ultimately impacts upon equine welfare. As such, it is imperative that when competition is resumed to ensure that any welfare concerns of horses not in full training are mitigated by the owners & riders.

Equestrian Sport as a non-contact sport can easily comply with Social Distancing. It involves a horse and rider as a combination, either competing in the competition arena or warm-up arena. While mounted [on horseback] social distancing of 4.5 metres or more is required as horses need to keep a safe distance from each other to avoid accidents from striking or kicking.

Furthermore, there is no sharing of equipment between athletes or sharing of transportation.

In the event the Government introduce a Contract Tracing App, as a condition of entry and participation at an event or activity, the participant will be required to downloaded and install the APP to anonymously log interactions between participants. If somebody tests positive for Covid-19, the app alerts those who’ve been in close contact with that person.

Currently temperature checks do not need to be taken on arrival, this however may change.

An isolation room/space identified to hold any symptomatic person found at the venue while awaiting transport to a medical facility.

Basic Show regulations must be complied with, if you are unable to please do not place a show entry.

In order to be compliant with contact Tracing requirements

  • A Steward will be on duty at the entrance to check the competitor against the show schedule on arrival;
  • The groom & driver will be asked to hand over their contact details at the entrance, this Contact Form requires them to state their name, address, email and phone number of both the rider & groom. It is required for Dressage Ireland for the purposes of Covid 19 traceability only, to comply with GDPR requirements this form will be erased after the show if there are no incidents. A blank form is downloadable on the DI Northern Region website.

A Covid-19 Compliance Officer will be appointed to attend all shows, they will have the responsibilities of policing social distancing and will act with the full authority of the venue owner & Dressage Ireland to report any areas of non-compliance of these C-19 protocols.

  1. Only venues which have big and spacious car parking areas will be considered with Spacious Warm up arenas and competition arenas. Toilet facilities will also have to be suitable.
  2. All entries and payments will be pre entry through our website only.
  3. Each competitor will be able to access their competition number through our website, which ensures they do not have to attend the show office
  4. As with our normal shows each competitor will have a Dressage Test start time which will have been posted on social media
  5. Competitors will be advised that in such cases whereby they require help at the show only one groom will be allowed with each competitor.
  6. Only in exceptional circumstances which will need to be cleared by Dressage Ireland show organisers will a second groom be allowed.
  7. No spectators or family members allowed.
  8. Government and Department of Health guidelines in relation to COVID-19 will be displayed at the event.
  9. A detailed layout of the show, arenas and warm up areas will be posted on social media. Competitions for each arena and warm up will be clearly mapped on the social media post / website. Toilets signs clearly visible on the map.
  10. All competitors must be advised Not To Arrive to the venue before 80 mins before their first test .
  11. On arrival at the venue, a parking attendant will:
    • check competitors against a start list;
    • check the number of passengers/ grooms against the list;
    • accept the Contact Form, no entry allowed without it – DI NR C-19 Contact Form;
    • they will be reminded about social distancing, coughing / sneezing guidelines and hand washing guidelines;
    • competitors will be guided to a parking place. Only those pre entered will allowed admission.
  12. Parking spaces will be 5 metres apart and Dressage Ireland show volunteers will be enforcing social distancing / Parking distances as with all government and department of health guidelines.
  13. All competitors will be advised to leave the venue as soon as possible after their competition.
  14. Any Dressage Ireland members, grooms or volunteers will face sanction if they flaunt the restrictions or guidelines.
  15. There will have to have a station outside of the toilets with hand sanitiser, paper towel and a bin, to ensure toilet door handles are kept hygienically clean at all times. Hand washing facilities, liquid soap, paper towel and bins will also be inside the toilet building.
  16. C-19 Compliance Officer will be appointed.
  17. Competitors should not have more than 2 horses and not ride more than 4 tests.
  18. There will be no catering facilities at the event and competitors advised to bring their own snack or same if required for the short time they will be present at the event.
  19. If a competitor is riding more than one test, the tests will be scheduled within 35 to 40 minutes of each other to ensure competitors are at the venue for a short a time as possible.
  20. Warm up arenas will be supervised by a call up steward, who will again enforce social distancing, and ensure all normal safety standards are maintained and they will call competitors for their tests.
  21. Judges will have been given specific times and arena location via phone or email message prior to the show.
  22. Judges will judge tests from their car parked at the competition arena.
  23. A judge may bring a family member as a scribe.
  24. In the event same is not possible, a scribe can be located in a car 3 metres from the judge’s car, and they may communicate via a blue tooth device.
  25. All tests or class results will be scanned and will be posted on social media. No results will be available on the day.
  26. Any bills in relation to the event will be paid via bank transfer.
  27. There will be no show office but a show organisers phone number will be posted on the website/ social media with the schedule in case competitors need to contact a show organiser during the event. 

Click on the links below to view & download:

DI NR C-19 Contact Form

 DI NR Corvid Protocols

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