Certificate of Competence Transport of horse

Anyone that transports their horse for more than 65 km from their home requires a Certificate of Competence to do so if for economic activity (please see below).

Many members either do not know about this or feel they do not need it as they are not professional riders. Please see exert of ruling. Those involved in economic activity will include, farmers, livestock hauliers, those who move domestic equines in connection with professional riding, livery, stabling, those involved in commercial pet breeding or racing (e.g. dog racing), or those moving animals used in films, zoos and leisure parks.

The EU Regulation does not apply to the transport of animals when this is not in connection with an economic activity or to the transport of non-vertebrate animals.

If you compete at a Finals or Nationals this is classed as an economic activity as there is prize money, it is up to each individual member to decide if they need this certificate to remain legal when transporting your horse.

As a region we have realised there is a need for many members to have this Short Journey Certificate and have organised for courses to take place.

The first courses will be Saturday 20th March 2021 and Saturday 27th March, Courses are half a day long. Places will be limited due to COVID protocol. There will be 6 morning slots and 6 afternoon slots.

Cost is £108 including VAT there will be a £5 booking fee which is non refundable.Places on a first come basis.

Any rider travelling to England will also need the Long Journey Certificate which can also be arranged if requested.

Click below to book one of the slots available for the Short Journey Certificate:

Click her to book one of the slots available for the Long Journey Certificate

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