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Gut Health Should Never be an After thought.

At EquiNutritive, we REALLY know horses and just like you, we know what it’s like to own horses. You love your horse like any other member of the family. You find it a challenge to balance their needs because they can’t just tell you what’s up! Perhaps you’re caught in a vicious cycle of multiple balancers and supplements, which has left you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by the feeding process. You don’t want to have to feed 5 separate supplements to give your horse the boost it needs – all the while draining your bank account (and your sanity).

That’s why we’re here – to take care of all of that and more!

Through our flagship product Alpha GOLD, the two biggest problem areas for horses are addressed – joints and the gut. The golden liquid has brought many horses back from the brink and many a smile to our faces, hearing about horses enjoying a new lease on life!

If you want to get your horse thriving on the inside, glowing on the outside and performing at its best, that’s why all of our products incorporate gut care and why we’re so passionate about making sure your horses gut is in tip top health, check out our product range Here!


The GRASSMEN series is a new, dynamic and fresh approach to agricultural entertainment.

The company founders are keen cameramen as well as drivers and decided to experiment with a video camera from the corner of a field. The footage was uploaded onto YouTube, and to the teams surprise a large following soon developed.

Being tractor enthusiasts themselves and having spent many hours behind the wheel, the team wanted to take the style they had used on YouTube to the next level.  The only option was to get more input from the men on the job, so they called in favours from local contractors who provided the question and answer style narration as Gareth conducted a ‘one-take’ interview – hence they gave some very honest and unscripted answers.

With the continuous and extended period of filming, an honest and accurate portrayal of silage contracting is achieved in all its glory.

The sunshine, the rain, the breakdowns and the craic are all here to see.  It’s safe to say that there is no other DVD series quite like the GRASSMEN & now with our own exclusive branded Merchandise.

Calport Ltd.:

Calport Ltd. offers a complete shipping service, including Stevedoring, Ships Agency, Storage and Distribution.


Kettner Quality Products is young brand founded in 2015 by Elise Kettner, Grand Prix Dressage rider.

Our mission is to develop innovative, functional, and inspiring products.

We offer you the most practical and sustainable numbers of this moment, two different models in different colours and designs. The unique number system ensures that you can focus on your job and have fun.


From Field to Feed.
At Dengie we grow our own alfalfa, we nurture it from seed to feed. Alfalfa is a legume and so is able to fix nitrogen from the environment which is converted to amino acids in the plant.

Our field team have years of experience in farm management and the harvest process. This is supported by a team of equine-degree qualified, horse-owning nutritionists.

Proud to be awarded HM The Queen’s Royal Warrant. We’re members of the BETA NOPS scheme and approved under the UFAS and FEMAS feed assurance schemes with products independently approved by The Laminitis Trust and BETA EGUS.

Alfalfa provides energy, promotes condition and topline, it is vital for digestive health and is naturally low in sugar and starch. The proof is in the bag!

Equi Role Global:


Advertise your Vacancies. Find your Dream Job. All Equine Industries. Anywhere.

Equi Role Global is the global equine recruitment app that services all equine industries.
The app matches employer location, industry, vacancy type, hours offered and required skills with potential candidates worldwide, who fit all criteria.
Equi Role Global has true global candidate reach, in all equine industries.

The NEW equine recruitment app Equi Role Global from Ferguson Equine Services Ltd is OUT NOW on iOS HERE! Download from App Store or via our website by clicking HERE!