Summer League 5th May 2018 – UnRegistered Members.

5 May 2018 - 00:00

Summer League 2018 Schedule:

Secretary:   Karen McKeown, 41 Old Ballygowan Road, Comber, Co. Down, BT23 5NP.Email –

Entries for all shows can be made via the links below the calendar on the home page.

Non-members can enter via post or email to the Secretary by clicking here

All shows are run by Dressage Ireland Northern Region and are run under Dressage Ireland rules

(Click on this link to get further info about the DI Rulebook.)

Entries close Saturday prior to the Show.

Entry Fees:

  • Dressage Ireland Registered £12 per class.
  • Unregistered riders £16 per class.

Preliminary times will be posted on Tuesday & finalised times available Thursday prior to show on website.

All tests are British Dressage (Purchase from BD click here) excepting those marked DI (download FREE from DI by clicking here) and FEI (download FREE from FEI by clicking here).

 Classes with less than 3 entries may be amalgamated.

Para tests and Pony tests may be put on by request if there is a suitable judge and arena availability.

For DI members to be eligible to compete at Regional Championships the competitors must gain 62% at TWO shows run by Dressage Ireland Northern Region and have competed all 6hrs of Helps (Helps are not transferrable once nominated).

Unregistered horses and riders may compete at any level at weekly shows as for the Regional Finals they can compete in the Warm-Up classes.

DI Northern Region Judge members who are wishing to upgrade their listing, may be Practice or Panel Judging at these shows.

PYO tests, dependent on availability of judge.

All riders must adhere to “Warm up” Rules as per DI regulations (See Downloads).

It is the responsibility of the competitor to ensure that all saddlery and equipment conforms with the rules, whether there is a tack steward present:

Click on this link to get further info about the DI Rulebook.

Rider and horse combinations wishing to qualify for the National Championships must have gained 1 qualification score of at least 64% in a Championship test and 2 scores of at least 64% within the relevant level, the Championship tests are:

  • Prelim: BD 17A & DI 15
  • Novice: BD 37A & DI 24
  • Elementary: BD 57 & DI 56

At least one of these tests at each level will be ran at every show.

To enable all our shows to run smoothly it is compulsory that ALL members HELP at shows.

 Late entries may be accepted if there are withdrawals in a class, at a surcharge of an additional £2 per class.

 In the comments section of the online entry, please state the following:

  • Competition Number (i.e. the one you wear on your bridle);
  • Class number;
  • Name of horse and rider;
  • Finally, if you are available for Help & your preference.

(Please add, as this will speed up the process of organising provisional times)

If you missed the PayPal button to complete booking, please do not panic & DO NOT redo the order process as this will only result in you doubling your order!

Send the payment via PayPal using the DI NR Secretary’s email ( )with reference to your entry: PayPal

We are very grateful to be given the support to our League by these companies, so please if you are needing to use their types of services please support them like they have us. CLICK HERE to see more info about them.


Saturday 5th May 2018 Venue: Danescroft Equestrian Centre.
Show Co-ordinator: T.B.A. Contact No.: T.B.A.
Class 1: BD Prelim 18 (rev2016) [S] Class 2: BD Prelim 17A (2017) [L]
Class 3: BD Novice 27 (2007) [S] Class 4: DI Novice 24 (2012) [L]
Class 5: BD Elem 40 (2010) [L] Class 6: BD Elem 57 (2007) [L]
Class 7: BD Medium 71 (2002) [S] Class 8: BD Medium 76 (2016) [L]
Class 9: BD Adv Med 91 (2016) [L] Class 10: FEI Junior Prelim (2018) [L]
Class 11: Open PYO – Any BD Adv. test; PSG; Inter I; Inter II; Grand Prix.

[Class 11: Please specify test for Class 11; Competitors may ride more than one test but must specify which one is to count for the league.]

Class 12: BD Intro A (2008) [S]
Class 13: Trailblazers PYO [Competitors pick Mini (Under 10yr) Class 12; Junior (Under 16yr) or Senior (16-21yr) Class 1 & 3. Scored sheets not available until Class 1, 3, 12 are finished].

Confined to Category 1 Riders only.

Closing date for entries: Sat 28th April 2018.




Bookings no longer allowed on this date.